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Powerful performance in your kitchen

More than 50 years have passed since Novy pioneered and patented its peripheral extraction system; a technology that is now widely used by most extraction specialists.

By having a narrow gap between the base plate and the edges of the cooker hood, odours and cooking vapours are rapidly extracted. Not only does this increase efficiency to 95%, but the position of the grease filter behind the base plate is also an aesthetic solution. It is made from several layers of aluminium with different densities to ensure the maximum possible absorption. By combining a powerful silent motor with this aerodynamic technology the result is a cooker hood that eliminates all the nuisance aspects in your kitchen: noise and odours.

Perfect down to the last detail

Since Novy manufactured its first cooker hood in 1965, it has aimed for perfection through robust and smart designs. Producing the very best quality is in the DNA of all Novy employees and this approach runs through every aspect of the process.

Pure craftsmanship

Novy puts quality first and you can feel it. The highest standards are maintained in our designs and technology and also in terms of the finish. Novy uses carefully selected high-quality materials for its cooker hoods. It is this, together with the immaculate design, that creates the sense of luxury. A Novy cooker hood is pure craftsmanship: made with skill and precision.