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More perfect than the original: while a wine cellar provides the perfect storage conditions, your Miele wine unit can be set to the ideal serving temperature of different wines thanks to a maximum of three different temperature zones.

Freestanding wine units.

Eye-catching: a freestanding wine unit will quickly become the visual centrepiece of your kitchen. Freestanding appliances are extremely flexible: if you move house, you can simply take your appliance with you and set it up again in your new kitchen.

Built-in wine units.

Would you like to integrate the wine unit into your kitchen? As a built-in appliance, it will blend perfectly into your kitchen design.

Built-under wine units.

A wine unit can also fit under a worktop: our built-under variant will blend perfectly into your kitchen design.


Temperature Zone

​​​​​​Miele wine units are fitted with up to three temperature zones which can be controlled separately giving you the ultimate in control over your wine collection. Up to three different types of wine and such as red wine, white wine, champagne or sparkling wine in different quantities can be stored at the same time and under perfect conditions.

Push to Open

The perfect solution for your handleless designer kitchen, some Miele wine conditioners feature Push2open doors which open as if by themselves. The opening system is activated by light finger pressure on the glass door, the door opens gently and allows you to reach inside and open it completely. Miele wine conditioners with Push2open do not need handles and can be optimally flush-fitted and integrated into your desired location.

Flexiframe & Noteboard

The flexiframe on some models of Miele wine conditioners holds bottles of all sizes securely, each bottle rack has a label which can be used to identify your wine collection. Making note of the origin, grape variety or vintage or anything you choose. The note boards are magnetic and can be removed from the shelves for easy  writing on. The adjustable bottle racks hold every size of bottle securely and the individual slats can be moved easily to suit every bottle shape enabling your entire collection to stored correctly.