Miele TEF765WP EcoSpeed & 8kg Heat-pump tumble dryer
Miele TEF765WP EcoSpeed & 8kg Heat-pump tumble dryer
Miele TEF765WP EcoSpeed & 8kg Heat-pump tumble dryer
Miele TEF765WP EcoSpeed & 8kg Heat-pump tumble dryer
Miele TEF765WP EcoSpeed & 8kg Heat-pump tumble dryer
Miele TEF765WP EcoSpeed & 8kg Heat-pump tumble dryer
  • DryCare 40 – dries almost anything that can be washed at 40 °C
  • Faster drying combined with maximum energy efficiency – EcoSpeed 
  • Quickly switch between 2 favourite fragrances – FragranceDos²
  • Savings for the life of your tumble dryer - EcoDry technology
  • Miele@home – clever networking opens up new possibilities


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Product info
Miele TEF765WP EcoSpeed & 8kg Heat-pump tumble dryer

Precise drying thanks to mineral sensors

With this system, your laundry dries perfectly – even if the water contains significant amounts of calcium. This is by no means the norm on machines without PerfectDry as the calcium content in the water influences residual moisture sensing – in turn impacting on drying results. PerfectDry takes the current calcium content of water into account and precisely adjusts the drying process, ensuring that the selected drying level is always achieved.

Savings for the life of your tumble dryer

Miele EcoDry technology guarantees long-term low energy consumption and short drying times. Thanks to the effective interaction between the patented Miele filtration system and the maintenance-free heat exchanger, fluff cannot clog up the heat exchanger, which would otherwise cause blockages and reduce power output over time. With EcoDry, Miele heat-pump dryers constantly work economically – over the entire life of the appliance.

Save time and protect the environment

With EcoSpeed, you can dry your laundry particularly quickly and in a way that is kind to the environment with the best energy efficiency class A+++. Economic operation and shorter programme running times are perfectly combined. With a full load, EcoSpeed can reduce the drying time by 40 minutes.*

Reliable down to the last detail

In Miele heat-pump dryers, the heat exchanger is protected by an effective filtration system and does not require cleaning. This ensures that energy consumption stays low continually for the complete service life of the appliance.

Brand Miele
GTIN 4002516476245
AdWords Custom Label 0 Yes

Construction type

  • Suitable for stacking •
  • Side-by-side •
  • Slot-in •
  • Can be built-under •
  • Door hinge left


  • Product brand T1 Chrome Edition
  • Heat pump dryer•


  • Appliance colour Lotus white
  • Control panel colour Lotus white
  • Rotary selector colour Lotus White / Chrome ring
  • Control panel version Straight
  • Control type Rotary selector
  • Display DirectSensor white, 7 segment

Drying results

  • Perfect Dry •
  • FragranceDos²•
  • Intelligent drum reversal•

Gentle laundry care

  • Honeycomb drum •
  • Load in kg 8.00

User convenience

  • Delay start up to 24 hours•
  • Time left display•
  • Drum lighting LED
  • Condensate container•
  • Integrated condensed water drainage •
  • AddLoad•

Efficiency and sustainability

  • More economical than the threshold value for energy efficiency rating A+++10%
  • Annual energy consumption in kWh 163
  • Duration in minutes in the standard programme 165
  • Sound power in the standard cottons programme with full load in db(A) re 1 pW66
  • Condensation efficiency class A
  • Energy consumption in kWh in the Cottons Normal dry standard programme with a full load 1.32
  • EcoDry technology•
  • Maintenance-free heat exchanger •
  • ProfiEco motor •
  • EcoSpeed•

Drying programmes

  • Cottons (coloureds)•
  • Cottons Eco•
  • Delicates•
  • Minimum iron•
  • Shirts •
  • Woollens handcare •
  • Express •
  • Proofing •
  • Bed linen•
  • Warm air/DryFresh•

Drying options

  • Anti-crease•
  • Buzzer•


  • Soft ribs•
  • Enamelled front •


  • PIN-Code•
  • Empty out container indicator•
  • Clean filter indication•
  • Optical interface•

Technical data

  • Dimensions in mm (width) 596
  • Dimensions in mm (height) 850
  • Dimensions in mm (depth) 636
  • Appliance depth in mm with opened door 1054
  • Weight in kg 56
  • Total rated load in kW 1.10
  • Voltage in V 220-240
  • Fuse rating in A 13
  • Frequency in Hz 50
  • Length of supply lead in m 2.00
  • Hermetically sealed •
  • Type of coolant R290
  • Refrigerant quantity in kg 0.14
  • Refrigerant global warming potential 3
  • Appliance global warming potential 0.42 Kundendienst

Available display languages

  • Available display languages via MultiLingua No

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