Positioning aid 

Put your pans in pole position: this feature ensures that your pans are placed in the ideal position. And it optimises your cooking process by preventing you from putting your pan in the wrong place and using the wrong power setting. The optimum position is indicated acoustically and visually in an intuitive manner – simply move the pan accordingly. 

Intelligent pan detection 

Flexible hob, flexible operation: with the intelligent pan detection function, the control elements always appear in the right position – regardless of where the pans are on the hob. The controls are only visible when there is a pan in position, ensuring an elegant appearance. They are always clearly assigned to the pan in question and if it is moved, they will follow. All of our full-surface hobs feature intelligent pan detection. 

SmartSelect White 

With SmartSelect, you can set power levels and times quickly and easily. Thanks to the white display with a particularly strong contrast, the settings are even easier to read. Hobs with SmartSelect White controls also have the same convenience features as SmartSelect – such as the easy-to-use time selection. 

Pan Size Recognition

For best possible use of energy with induction hobs, the size of the pan is detected automatically by the cooking zone and energy is only used on this area only, thus ensuring the most efficient use of energy.


Ideal for large pans the powerFlex zones are particularly versatile and flexible offering individual cookware utilisation particularly useful on large pasta pans or oven dishes.  The speed of use is unique to Miele and the  booster output of up to 7.4 kW can be used fully.