Miele - Immer Besser - Hobs 5% Off TAKE5

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Electronic Controls

The innovative Miele gas hobs with electronic controls offer even more safety and convenience including Quick-Start accelerated ignition, Gas Stop & Re Start ensures automatic re-ignition in case of flame failure.

Efficient and Safe

Heat is generated where it is needed the food not the surrounding areas. When cooking with induction, heat is generated only where it is needed the base of the pan, cooking with induction is particularly efficient, as no heat is wasted and it is particularly safe as the ceramic glass remains comparatively cool.


Ideal for large pans the power Flex zones are particularly versatile and flexible offering individual cookware utilisation particularly useful on large pasta pans or oven dishes.  The speed of use is unique to Miele and the  booster output of up to 7.4 kW can be used fully.

Pan Size Recognition

For best possible use of energy with induction hobs, the size of the pan is detected automatically by the cooking zone and energy is only used on this area only, thus ensuring the most efficient use of energy.

Electronic Ignition

Comfortably reignite the flame burner automatically thanks to Miele's sophisticated technology the rotary control can be simply and easily turned with one hand and be held during ignition making control simple.