MIELE DGC7440 XL Steam combination oven
MIELE DGC7440 XL Steam combination oven
MIELE DGC7440 XL Steam combination oven
MIELE DGC7440 XL Steam combination oven
MIELE DGC7440 XL Steam combination oven
MIELE DGC7440 XL Steam combination oven
  • Large clear text display with sensor controls – DirectSensor
  • Perfect results – DualSteam technology
  • Crispy outside, succulent inside – combination cooking
  • Convenient operation – water container behind automatic panel
  • Easy cleaning – PerfectClean stainless steel oven compartment

Product info
MIELE DGC7440 XL Steam combination oven

Intelligent assistance

Healthy food in no time: with Mix & Match you can combine different foods and cook or reheat them in less than half an hour. Simply place all the food inside the appliance at once and take it out at the end of the selected programme. In this way, you can conveniently cook a full plate of food without having to worry about different cooking durations and temperatures for each of the individual components. 

All-round expert for even results

Perfection to suit your taste: the Miele steam oven is the ideal complement to the oven and hob and ensures best cooking results. Fast heat-up times and cooking durations as well as even steam distribution make it easier for you to prepare food – this is made possible with a powerful external steam generator (3.3 kW) and the special positioning of two DualSteam steam inlets.

Moisture and dry heat: the ideal combination

Flexibility for best baking and roasting results: combine humidity and dry heat as you wish. To ensure the best results, you can adjust both the temperature (30 °C to 225 °C) and moisture content (0 % to 100 %) in combination mode. These settings can be changed up to 10 times in quick succession. This ensures the food is cooked just the way you like it.

Everything in one appliance

The 3-in-1 principle gives you three cooking modes in one single appliance. This means you can still prepare delicious dishes even if your kitchen space is limited – use the oven mode for crispy results or the steam cooking function to cook food gently. Combination mode is the best choice for perfect cooking results.

What’s included

  • Universal tray with PerfectClean (1)
  • Baking and roasting rack with PerfectClean (1)
  • Removable PerfectClean side runners (pair) (1)
  • No. of perforated stainless-steel cooking container (1)
  • No. of solid stainless-steel cooking containers (1)
  • Descaling tablets (2)
Brand Miele
GTIN 4002516137030

Operating modes

  • Defrosting 
  • Automatic programmes Yes
  • Country-specific automatic programmes
  • Combination cooking with Fan plus 
  • Eco fan heat 
  • Combination cooking 
  • Combination cooking with Conventional heat 
  • Combination cooking with grill 
  • Steam cooking
  • Sous-vide
  • Reheat
  • Roast with moisture
  • Grill 
  • Economy grill
  • Fan plus 
  • Intensive bake 
  • Cake plus 
  • Conventional heat 
  • Top heat 
  • Bottom heat 
  • Fan grill
  • Eco steam cooking 
  • Plate warming
  • Special applications 

Networking of domestic appliances

  • MobileControl
  • RemoteService Yes
  • WiFiConn@ct

Construction type and design

  • Steam combination oven 
  • PureLine 
  • Appliance Colour Stainless steel/Clean Steel
  • Convenience features
  • Rapid heat-up 
  • Pre-heating
  • External steam generation
  • Oxygen sensor
  • Individual humidity settings in combination cooking
  • Menu cooking without transfer of taste
  • Prepare plated meals with "Mix & Match" 
  • Automatic programmes with programmable settings for cooking results
  • Keeping warm 
  • Crisp function 

User convenience

  • Miele@home 
  • Display DirectSensor
  • SoftOpen 
  • SoftClose 
  • MultiLingua 
  • Motorised opening and closing Lift panel 
  • Quantity-independent cooking
  • Steam cooking on up to 3 levels at the same time 
  • Menu cooking with steam
  • Steam reduction before end of programme
  • Time of day display 
  • Date display 
  • Minute minder 
  • Programmable start of cooking duration
  • Programmable end of cooking duration 
  • Programmable cooking duration
  • Actual temperature display
  • Target temperature display
  • Buzzer when desired temperature is reached
  • Recommended temperature 
  • User programmes 
  • Sabbath programme 
  • Individual settings 

Efficiency and sustainability

  • Power rating in off mode in W 0.50
  • Power rating in standby mode in W 1.00
  • Power rating in networked standby in W 2.00
  • Time until automatic switch to standby in min 20
  • Time until automatic switch to networked standby in min 20
  • Time until automatic switch to off mode in min 20

Cleaning convenience

  • Stainless steel front with CleanSteel finish 
  • Stainless-steel oven compartment with linen structure and PerfectClean 
  • Hinged grill element
  • External steam generator 
  • Floor heater for condensate reduction
  • Soak programme
  • Rinse programme
  • Oven compartment drying programme
  • Quick-release side racks
  • Removable stainless-steel side racks
  • Automatic descaling 
  • CleanGlass door 
  • Steam technology and Water supply
  • DualSteam 
  • Removable condensate container behind lift-up control panel
  • Drain filter
  • Drain filter


  • Appliance cooling system and touch-cool front 
  • Safety switch-off 
  • System lock
  • Vapour cooling system
  • Sensor lock

Technical data

  • XL oven compartment
  • Oven compartment volume in l 48
  • No. of shelf levels 3
  • Numbered shelf levels
  • Door hinge Bottom
  • Oven light BrilliantLight
  • Oven temperature regulation min. in °C 30
  • Oven temperature regulation max. in °C 225
  • Electronic steam oven temperature regulation min. in °C 40
  • Electronic steam oven temperature regulation max. in °C 100
  • Niche width min in mm 560
  • Niche width max in mm 568
  • Niche height min in mm 450
  • Niche height max in mm 452
  • Niche depth in mm 555
  • Appliance width in mm 595
  • Appliance height in mm 456
  • Appliance depth in mm 569
  • Weight in kg 39.60
  • Total rated load in kW 3.40
  • Voltage in V 230
  • Frequency in Hz 50-60
  • Number of phases 1
  • Fuse rating in A 16
  • Mains cable with plug
  • Length of supply lead in m 2