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Miele fridges and freezers offer truly exciting technology designed around you and your food. Superior climate control for keeping perishables fresh up to five times longer than average. Fan circulated air for a constant and uniform temperature you can depend on. Sleek handle-less designs with smooth opening assistance.

What refrigeration solutions do Miele offer?

Miele offers refrigeration solutions to suit a wide variety of requirements and environments. Choose between integrated and freestanding Miele fridges, freezers, and fridge freezers which are available in various sizes to serve a range of budgets and spaces. The MasterCool range offers truly high-end bespoke refrigeration with separate cooling climates, handle-less doors, and MaxLoad hinges for ultimate reliability.

How can a Miele fridge keep my food fresh for longer?

Every Miele refrigerator comprises innovative technology designed to keep your food fresher for longer. It can be difficult to stay stocked up on fresh produce with short expiry dates. This is achieved by maintaining a constant climate of notably low temperatures and just the right level of humidity.

Unlike conventional refrigerators – which are typically hotter on the upper shelves than on the lower ones – with Miele, there is no need to worry about where you should place certain products. The Miele DynaCool fan function ensures for an even temperature distribution throughout the entire fridge, so your food products can benefit from optimum coolness, no matter which shelf they sit on.


NoFrost technology.

Most of the Miele range of freezers are equipped with NoFrost technology, meaning you will never have to defrost your appliance again. Circulation cooling ensures an even temperature is maintained throughout the fridge and dry air is always evenly distributed. As long as you have a Miele freezer in your kitchen, you’ll never have to put up with iced-over food or ice-covered doors again.


Miele K2802 VI MasterCool Fridge with MasterFresh
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Perfect storage conditions for food, temperature and air humidity are important factors for perfect storage conditions of your food. With Dynamic cooling, an integrated fan uniformly circulates the air for optimum distribution of temperature and air humidity throughout the appliance.


Variable use of the freezer compartment giving you the ability to increase the size of the freezer section as needed thanks to the variable space design. VarioRoom is useful if you want to store large frozen items for special occasion like Christmas and then return to normal afterwards.

Comfort Clean

Dishwasher-proof shelves are used on the inside of the door of Miele cooling applainces. Comfort Clean door shelves are made from high-quality SAN plastic and are scratch-proof, resistant to chemicals, temperature-resistant and highly transparent perfect for a hygienic clean in the dishwasher.


Soft close

The Appliance door closes softly and gently and has a self-closing mechanism on refrigerator and freezer doors. With SoftClose the innovative closing system means the door will not slam and closes itself at an angle of less than 30º automatically. With SoftClose, the doors close softly and silently meaning no more clinking bottles in the door shelves.

No Frost

No more defrosting the freezer with the NoFrost system you will never have to defrost your appliance again. The no-frost system distributes cold, dry air evenly so that ice does not form in the interior cabinet. In addition, no ice forms on the frozen food and the drawers can always be opened and closed easily without ice build up.