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Indispensable. The cooker hood is an essential part of your kitchen, as it ensures good air quality and filters out grease and odours. What's more, it looks good too – with a wide range of designs and models available, you are sure to find the right one to suit your needs and your kitchen.

Wall-mounted and island cooker hoods.

Miele offers various standard cooker hood designs, giving you great choice for your kitchen in terms of style and function. They boast clean, prominent lines and perfect craftsmanship. Whether installed on a wall or over an island, these cooker hoods always attract attention.

Ceiling extractors.

Miele ceiling extractors are perfect for discreet installation above cooking islands. This makes them ideal for open-plan kitchens, as they ensure an unobstructed view into the living area. 

Built-in cooker hoods

Miele slimline, built-under and slot-in cooker hoods are suitable for classic installation in and under kitchen wall units. Extractor units offer virtually unlimited design freedom. They are ideal for customised solutions; for example, installation in the kind of brick chimney breast that is typical of country-style kitchens.


Remote Control

State-of-the-art convenience from Miele, offering remote operation for your extractor which particularly convenient whilst you are cooking or testing your new recipe. With finger tip control of fan and illumination, meaning the light can be dimmed or a run-on function can be activated. The DA2900 ceiling extractor is also equipped with a remote control as a standard feature.

Ultra Quiet

Performance, convenience and efficiency all undertaken very quietly, motor, chimney and cooker hood canopy are all equipped with sound insulation for effective sound-proofing. All meaning an uninterrupted conversation whilst cooking even with high air throughput. For an even quieter solution some extractor can be fitted with an external motor mounted remotely from the extractor.

Run-on Function

Automatic fan run-on ensures the full extraction of steam and odours still in the air after you have finished cooking removing the last of the odours and moisture. The cooker hood can be set to switch off automatically after 5 or 15 minutes.

Grease Filters

Aesthetically pleasing and highly functional Miele cooker hoods are equipped with high efficiency 10-ply stainless-steel grease filter, meaning high levels of filtration in all situations.  The top layers and filter frame are made of high-quality solid stainless steel meaning you can conveniently clean the grease filters in the dishwasher with no visible discolouring, all Miele grease filters keep their high-quality appearance.

Connectivity 2.0

Connectivity 2.0 from Miele offers automatic operation for intelligent fan control offering optimum extraction of kitchen vapours and odours whilst also saving energy. Miele cooker hoods equipped with Con@ctivity 2.0 does this automatically as Connectivity 2.0 enabled the cooker hoods communicate with the enabled hobs. Con@ctivity 2.0 collects information from the hob and transmits it to the cooker hood, your Miele cooker hood then calculates its setting using the data to automatically select the correct fan setting to ensure the optimum extraction settngs.