Miele B990 Rotary Ironer
Miele B990 Rotary Ironer
Miele B990 Rotary Ironer
Miele B990 Rotary Ironer
Miele B990 Rotary Ironer
Miele B990 Rotary Ironer

  • No physical effort required thanks to high pressure
  • Convenient ironing of large laundry pieces – wide heater plate
  • Individual work speed thanks to variable roller speed
  • Iron difficult laundry items easily – all-round free roller end



Product info
Miele B990 Rotary Ironer

3 heating elements for optimum heat distribution

Heating power can be set in accordance with the care label in the textiles, which means that the fibres are treated gently. The heat is distributed optimally over the complete area thanks to the three heating elements. This ensures optimum ironing results.

The relaxed method of ironing

Effortless ironing while seated. Movement of the roller is triggered by a smooth-running foot switch; the heater plate is lowered onto the garment and applies pressure. An ergonomic seated position reduces strain on your back and keeps both hands free. Miele market research surveyed our customers and discovered that 95% of all buyers of a Miele rotary ironer are satisfied to very satisfied.

Intensive interaction between heater plate & roller

During ironing, the heater plate is pressed against the roller with a pressure of 0.35 N/cm². To create comparable pressure when ironing by hand, you would have to press the iron onto the ironing board continuously with a weight of approx. 7 kg. For optimum ironing results with little effort.

Folding mechanism makes storage easy

After use, a convenient folding mechanism ensures space-saving storage. Folded-up, the rotary ironer needs only 0.2 m² of space. Thanks to four stable castors, the rotary ironer is easy to transport.

What’s included

  • Adhesive film for temperature selector
Brand Miele
GTIN 4002514443652
MPN B 990
NAME B 990
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  • Colour Lotus white

Perfect ironing results

  • Temperature selection to suit textiles 
  • High contact pressure (N/cm2)0.35 Newton/Quadratzentimeter
  • Laundry feed board for easy laundry feed
  • Convenient infeed board with ample storage space
  • Airing bar for crease-free cooling

Time-saving ironing

  • Roller length in mm 830
  • Variable roller speed
  • Moisture-absorbing roller padding

User convenience

  • Effortless ironing while seated possible
  • Free roller end 
  • Clear control panel
  • Convenient folding mechanism 
  • Easily manoeuvrable thanks to four castors 


  • Automatic finger guard 
  • Emergency release 
  • Good stability

Technical data

  • Dimensions in mm (width) 985
  • Dimensions in mm (height) 959
  • Dimensions in mm (depth) 380
  • Dimensions in mm (width), folded 500
  • Dimensions in mm (height), folded 1055
  • Dimensions in mm (depth), folded 380
  • Total rated load in kW 2.90
  • Frequency in Hz 50-60