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Longevity, the key to sustainability

‘JURA products simply last longer.’ For decades customers have been telling us this again and again, and it reflects our philosophy both in the past and today. Making smart use of precious resources is a mindset and an important aspect of our brand values. It forms the basis of everything we do. We’ve refined this approach over the decades and it is our legacy to the future.

‘Smartphone apps are becoming more and more important.’ 

In the stairwell, an attractive blonde in her late twenties, wearing a two-piece suit, strokes a long strand of hair out of her face and runs her fingers across the screen of her mobile, typing in a message while the staccato of her heels echoes from the concrete. The holder of a doctorate in information technology, she works with her team to develop the user interfaces and operating elements of the future. For her, one thing is clear: in the years ahead, we will be using our smartphones more and more to operate and communicate with a vast array of devices. ‘Even now, JURA apps are bringing programming, statistics and operations to the smartphone,’ she explains. As if to prove her point, she opens up the JURA Coffee app on her iPhone. ‘But that’s just the start. We’re already working on versions that continuously monitor device parameters and inform users via their mobiles. When a filter needs changing, for instance. Of course, we can also imagine having an automated electronic customer service that can provide advice when things aren’t working as expected. Twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year.’ The aim is clear: the most intelligent automatic machine possible for maximum user-friendliness, simplicity and ‘of course, the uninterrupted enjoyment of coffee at the very highest level.’ Having said that, she enters a code into the keypad for the security door, winks coquettishly and disappears.

Expertise in coffee has always played a central role at JURA.

The opening of JURAworld of Coffee, the company’s own brand world, was followed a year later in 2007 by JURA’s very own roasting facility. Here, coffee is freshly roasted every day using a traditional method. The balanced product range testifies to the passion and expert knowledge of JURA – because only those who understand coffee in all its different aspects can drive long-term innovation.

The roasting factory with its large viewing windows produces high-quality speciality coffees and gives visitors a close-up view of the roasting process, which brings out thousands of different aromas from the initially taste- and odour-neutral raw coffee.