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Elica Prime Plus RC 83cm Vented Induction Hob

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BORA BHA - Basic Hyper Cooktop Exhaust Air / Ducted Out

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BORA BHU - Basic Hyper Cooktop Recirculation

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Gas hobs

Gas hobs offer the ultimate in flexibility with instant control ability and efficient cooking. Available in various combinations of burner configuration from four, five and six burners. You can also have a Wok burner for high power wok cooking. There are also material options for the base including stainless steel and glass for the perfect match for your kitchen.

Induction Hobs

Induction hobs are safe, efficient, easy to clean and practical offering the latest cooking technology. The induction system heats the pan and not the surface keeping surface temperatures to a minimum for safe operation. There are various combination of zones available including flex and bridge from some manufacturers and free induction for the ultimate in cooking practicality. 

Venting hobs

Venting hobs offer two appliances in one, a hob and extraction system in one efficient unit. The hob utilises the latest in induction cooking technology and a built in vapour extraction system for the fast and effective removal of cooking odours and moisture. The venting hob system is both practical and negates the requirement for a separate kitchen extractor.