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Elica ADELE2 60cm Chimney Extractor Hood in Stainless Steel

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Elica ADELE2 90cm Chimney Extractor Hood in Stainless Steel
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Wall mount

Wall mount extractors can be feature pieces or made to blend into the kitchen for an unobtrusive appearance. The wall mount extractor can be ducted externally or recirculate the air via a special unit to remove smells and odours. They come in various styles with the most popular being stainless steel but the choices are endless.

Decor Extractors

Decor extractors are designed to look stylish and become a feature piece of your kitchen, by design they operate in recirculation mode only and use special filters to remove odour and grease from the air. They are offered in various styles and colours giving you the choice of your perfect extractor.

Island Extractors

Island extractors are designed to be a focal point of your kitchen and hang from the ceiling above your cooking area. They can be ducted or operated in recirculation mode using special filters to remove the odour and moisture from the air. The island extractors are offered in a variety of designs, styles and colours allowing you to choose your perfect extractor.